Why We Do, and Don’t, Sell Cheap Bicycles

We’ve had a lot of folks come in with their bicycles looking to sell them, and while we’re glad to take the majority, there’s a few brands we just can’t take in. Typically, they are the variety sold at Walmart, KMart, etc – Magna, Next, post-1990’s Mongoose, Avalon, Kent, and a few others. While we’ll take a look at every bike individually before we make a decision, those are almost universally unfit for resale. They are low-priced from the store for a reason – they are made of the cheapest components, and assembled haphazardly. While the rider may have never sensed a problem with their bicycle, sometimes parts are broken beyond repair just from bad installation. Brake pads don’t touch the rim and are worn, headsets, wheel bearings, and bottom brackets aren’t adjusted right – these can all lead to eventual damage if the bike’s been ridden without a tune-up for a long time.

That isn’t to say all inexpensive bikes are terrible. We have made exceptions, a few a year – but these are mostly for children’s bikes that were kept indoors. We must make sure that every bike we buy and then resell is safe and solid enough for someone to ride for a long time – and kids are no exception. In the grand scope of bicycle value and safety, a coaster brake, single speed bicycle from a big-box store usually will have less problems than their geared brethren, simply because they have less parts on them.

We do love to buy unwanted bicycles, but if we can’t buy yours, it’s most likely because it’s unsafe or not able to be re-sold in its condition. We hope you understand. Selling quality bicycles at a reasonable price will always be our mission. We want to keep Gloucester cycling!

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